System Planning

Our System Planning and Power Quality Division at Booth offers a full range of system studies that assist our clients in operating an efficient, reliable and financially viable system. With every project, we incorporate the principles outlined in our nationally-published manuals and seminars, ensuring we will meet and enhance your long-term competitive position.

•  Long-Range Plans  •  Construction Work Plans  •  Arc Flash Hazard Assessment  •  Solar Farm Impact Studies    Creation of System Models  •  Capacitor Studies  •  Automation Integration Plans  •  Protective Coordination  •  Environmental Reports  •  Power Requirements Studies  •  Software Training  •  System Upgrades and Replacements  •  Power Quality Studies

For more information on our System Planning and Power Quality Division, please contact Bill Jordan, Nathan Cooksey, Bob Misenheimer or Ken McNeill at 919.851.8770 or email for more information.