The Generation division of Booth & Associates, LLC has the extensive experience to fully address the scope of your generation project.  Whether it is a new installation or retooling existing generation equipment, we can assist with services for any size project, from providing backup power, peak shaving for a facility, to multiple units tied into the local distribution or transmission system power grid. 

Our Generation services include:

•   Economic Studies and Licensing   •   Interconnect with Commercial / Industrial Facilities or Power Grid   •  Property Survey and Acquisition   •  Site Survey and Layout   •  Fuel Spill Prevention and Control Systems   •  Overhead / Underground Distribution and Transmission Lines   •   Material Specification and Procurement   •   Construction Specifications   •   Power Quality Issues (voltage swells, power flickers)   •   Power Grid and Generation Equipment Coordination / Protection   •   Relay Settings and Calibration


For more information about our Generation Services here at Booth, please contact Michael L. Clements at 919.851.8770 or